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Woking Conservatives and parent and child parking

by admin on 26 April, 2011

A few months back I wrote about my frustration that the Conservative Executive running Woking Borough Council had declined to double the number of parent and child parking spaced in the council operated car parks in the town centre, from the existing 8 to 16, following a recommendation from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  Since then I have been keeping tabs on the situation, taking photos of the very often full parent and child parking spaces, when I get a chance to do so, as evidence that more spaces are needed.
This week I was dismayed to read, in the Surrey Advertiser, that it appears that Cllr John Kingsbury did not until recently, fully grasp the importance of parent and child parking, having been seen by a local resident parking in a parent and child space in Sainsbury’s, Knaphill.  According to the Surrey Advertiser, Cllr Kingsbury thought these spaces were not restricted in the evenings.  I will certainly be asking Cllr Kingsbury if he will reconsider his position on parking bays in the town centre, in light of his more developed understanding of their importance.
Parent and child parking bays full Parent and child parking bays full

Parent and child parking bays full

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