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Post Office part privatisation

by admin on 16 August, 2010

With the closure of St John’s post office last month and remembering a conversation I had with the gentleman who had been considering running the post office, I am interested to see what the coalition government decides to do about part privatisation of the post office.  Post Offices provide an important service to the local […]

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Doing more with less money

by admin on 18 July, 2010

Nick Clegg has asked for people to suggest ways in which the government can do more with less money.  Looking at this question from the perspective of a teacher, the first suggestion I would have made would have been to stop the money being spent on the development and promotion of the new National Diplomas, […]

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The tax cut you can believe in

by admin on 25 April, 2010

Under Labour, the tax system is complex, unwieldy and, most of all, unfair. This has to change. The Liberal Democrats will rebalance our tax system to make it fair once and for all. Under the Liberal Democrats the income tax threshold will be raised to £10,000, meaning most taxpayers will see their income tax bills […]

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I enjoyed watching the Chancellors debate on Monday 29th March, although I watched a recording as it was on while I was at an overview and scrutiny meeting. It was pleasing to see Vince Cable do well. The Conservative claims that it was unfair because he was in the middle and that he received too […]

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Parking prices still too high in Woking

by admin on 23 September, 2009

The recent decisions by Woking Borough Council to not increase parking charges in Woking for the second time in the year are in my opinion not enough to offset the damage done to the local economy by high prices, extended charging hours and a lack of appropriately priced, frequent public transport. There is something wrong […]

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As the credit crunch and resulting recession have gone on it has become ever clearer that it will continue until banks are willing to lend to businesses and households at a rate which reflects the cost of borrowing to the banks and the risk presented by the customer.  It is clear that the sort of […]

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Nuclear disarmament the prudent approach

by admin on 15 April, 2009

The cost of replacing trident is estimated at between £20bn and £30bn or 3% of the annual defence budget.  Is the cost really worth it? Even in the best of times for the treasury there were still cuts requiring local hospitals to be closed, people not given medication as it was too expensive and British […]

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Lib-dem response to the recession

by admin on 11 April, 2009

Long before the recession took hold, Vince Cable MP was rightly warning us all of the perils of the debt crisis building up in the British economy.  Now we are in the grip one of the most rapid recessions in memory.  Vince Cable and other Lib-dem experts have put together a set of policies that […]

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