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Operation Drive Smart in Knaphill

by admin on 11 April, 2011

On the 5th March I was pleased to be able to join a local Drive Smart initiative in Knaphill with local police.  I attended in my capacity as the organiser of the local community speed watch group and as a local councillor.  During the morning PCSOs and local police officers targeted speeding drivers as well […]

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Unadopted roads are roads that are currently treated by the council as private roads, but are intended to be roads maintained by the council once they are completed.  Some roads in Woking have been waiting ten years to be adopted. One of the things that I find most frustrating as a Councillor is residents paying […]

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On Friday 30th April between 8 am and 9.30 am I carried out a Community Speed Watch along with a Community Speed Watch volunteer in Oak Tree Road and Robin Hood Road Knaphill.  We were able to do this as the local casualty reduction officer has now marked a point on each road where we […]

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Operation Drive Smart

by admin on 7 April, 2010

Operation Drive Smart is a joint Surrey County Council and Surrey police initiative focusing on:- Speeding Using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving Bad or dangerous parking Tailgating or aggressive driving Illegal off-road riding and driving Operation Drive Smart has been taking place in Knaphill in a variety of ways including a Police operation tackles […]

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Is Surrey the Pothole capital of the UK?

by admin on 28 March, 2010

Is Surrey the Pothole capital of the UK?  Kia Motors certainly thinks so, but Surrey County Council strongly denies this.  Kia Motors suggest there are 1,998 potholes in Surrey, something Surrey County Council suggests is far too small a number and uses this to pour scorn on the survey.  However, I take the view that […]

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How deep does a pothole need to be in Surrey?

by admin on 10 November, 2009

The remarkable answer to the question, ‘how deep does a pothole need to be in Surrey?’ depends on the depth of the road surface. At the Woking Borough Council Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting on 14th September I learnt that most Surrey roads have a surface above the base of the road of about 35mm. […]

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Ever since I was elected in May 2008 I have been campaigning to have the white lines at the junction of Barnby Road and Robin Hood Road repainted. It beggars belief that it has taken Surrey County Council over 15 months to do this, but finally the junction is safer, with fever cars approaching the […]

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Surrey County Council Fix Our ROADS!

by admin on 25 May, 2009

Despite or rather as is clear from appearances, Surrey County Council has in the past under spent its road budget.  Cllr Skellet, until recently the Leader of Surrey County Council and a Conservative, even appeared to suggest in the letters page of the Surrey Advertiser that people were satisfied with the quality of Surrey’s roads […]

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