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Sadly it is really common to see litter on the ground around the bench at the bus stop in Barnby Road.  Yesterday the amount of litter was terrible and I reported it to the local neighbourhood officer at the Council, so that it is quickly cleaned up.  There was too much litter for me to […]

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On Saturday 18th September I took part in a council visit to the Thameswey Milton Keynes combined heat and power (CHP) energy station in Milton Keynes. I was finding it hard to get my head around why Woking Borough Council has invested in a power station and private wire network to convert mains gas to […]

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Micro energy generation

by admin on 21 August, 2010

Chris Huhne’s annual energy statement delivered in Parliament recently set out some of the coalition’s thinking on the environment as any statement on energy inevitably does.  What was missing was information about micro energy generation which we are told will be forthcoming in the autumn. What I personally hope the coalition will do is put […]

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Crown Public House, Knaphill

by admin on 21 May, 2010

It is a great pity that despite having been fined the Crown public house appears to continue to be a significant nuisance to residents in Knaphill.  I have been keen to avoid going too far in my public views on the Crown so as not to pre-prejudice any hearing that might take place regarding the […]

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Since the middle of 2009 I, like other Lib-dem Knaphill Councillors, have been receiving complaints about noise from the Crown public house.  I have been able to offer advice to these residents about the need to keep logs of the date, time and specific nature of the disturbance and to put them in contact with […]

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Greenpeace have produced their own version of the Kit Kat adverts to highlight concerns that Nestle unlike Kraft and Unilever are still associated with what Greenpeace calls the worst practices of the palm oil industry. Greenpeace are also sending their own orang-utans to the Nestle head offices in Croydon to tell staff what it says Nestle […]

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Lib-dems show green ambition for Woking

by admin on 7 March, 2010

On Monday 22nd February 2010. Lib-dem Cllr Ken Howard proposed a motion to full council with the support of the Lib-dem group for Woking Borough Council to sign up to the 10:10 Campaign. The 10:10 Campaign is a grassroots campaign that encourages individuals, private businesses, government organisations and charities to cut emissions by 10% in […]

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Tour of the Rainbow Warrior

by admin on 22 November, 2009

On Saturday after I had finished running Saturday detention at school I went over to see the Rainbow Warrior – Greenpeace’s famous ship in Docklands.  As a member of Greenpeace I had an email last month inviting me to visit the ship and take a tour.  The Rainbow Warrior is moored in Docklands, London on […]

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Woking Ambassadors gets recycling

by admin on 3 October, 2009

I met the Sue Morley CEO of the ambassadors over a year ago to express my desire for visitors to the Ambassadors to be able to recycle their paper and plastic waste on leaving the cinema or theatre. It has taken a long time due to the need for the Ambassadors to renegotiate their waste […]

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All residents in Woking should have received a letter telling them what day their waste and recycling collection days will change to from this week.  I have not received my letter yet and so I went to this website (http://www.woking.gov.uk/localservices) to see what day my collection changes to.  If you do not know what day […]

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