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Petition for a new litter bin at the bus stop at the junction of Barnby Road and Nursery Road, Knaphill

by admin on 14 April, 2011

litter at the bus stop

litter at the bus stop

Sadly it is really common to see litter on the ground around the bench at the bus stop in Barnby Road.  Yesterday the amount of litter was terrible and I reported it to the local neighbourhood officer at the Council, so that it is quickly cleaned up.  There was too much litter for me to simply pick the litter up, as I did not have a plastic bag with me and there is no bin to put the litter in.

It is very difficult to get a new bin put in place in Woking, partly due to the cost of the new bins that allow litter to be separated into different types of litter and partly due to policy decisions made by the Conservative run executive.  Usually when I suggest a new bin is needed, I am asked to suggest a bin that can be removed from another location in Knaphill and moved to the new location I have suggested.   I have yet to find an unnecessary bin in Knaphill that I can suggest for this purpose.

The situation at the bus stop in Barnby Road really cannot be ignored, without a litter bin, litter will continue to be a problem at this bus stop.  For this reason I have created an e-petition that will run for the next 3 months.  If you would like a litter bin at this bus stop, please sign the petition here.

The problem is not a new problem, looking on google street view litter can clearly be seen on the ground, from when google took photos of this street, to have a look at street view click here.

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  1. ollywells says:

    Had a good day on the doorstep supporting Lisa Harding’s campaign today and got 47 new signatures on a paper copy of this petition, which was very well received by local people.

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