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Woking Borough Council – spending your money wisely?

by admin on 28 April, 2011

During 2009 Woking Borough Council spent nearly £1 million on expensive consultants.  By 2010 this had risen to nearly £2 million and looks set to be nearly £2 million again in 2011.  This does not in my opinion represent good value for the tax payers in Woking.  I would much rather have seen this money spent directly on services for local people or even used to reduce Woking’s large debts. With an estimated over £20,000 spent putting in a cycle crossing on the Bagshot road in Knaphill and then removing it again, the Conservative administration running Woking Borough Council really does need to do better, I do not think we can trust them with our money at present.  If we are spending so much on consultants on an annual basis I wonder if we would be better off hiring more specialist staff to carry out these tasks at better value for residents.

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